I’m an experienced artist currently occupying the body of a marketer. In pursuit of artistic excellence, I’ve had extensive experience in management in a variety of industries, and many years experience in education. Working as a Creative Manager has given me the opportunity to combine my creative, organizational, management and communication skills under one dynamic job title. 
To put it simply, I’m a creator, and I want people to love making things as much as I do. Whether it’s during campaign pitch to a potential client, or coordinating the conception, creation and delivery of multi-channel content with a team of producers, my passion for projects is infectious to those I work with. I want to create amazing work that all stakeholders feel like they had a voice in. I want them to stand behind it’s quality, see the brand continuity, and feel the emotional connection with their intended audience. 
The pace and variety of projects within an agency can wear on some, but it is an aspect of the business I relish. I love a good deadline, and figuring out how to meet it. I enjoy working in a wide variety of artistic and design aesthetics, and am constantly searching for new styles and mediums to add to my toolbox. Though I love designing, I am most at home ideating, brainstorming, and quickly developing projects that cross all media and channels, which has made me a valuable asset within our sales acquisition department, with whom which I collaborate to develop pitches, RFPs, mocks, and sales materials. 
I work hard to support the team around me, and strive to share my knowledge and empower those I manage. Years of teaching high school have given me the ability to deftly mediate a room full of personalities, with a focus on reaching an overarching, communal goal.  The same experience has given foundation for delivering timely, effective, and appropriate feedback, establishing internal processes and protocols, and the ability to succinctly and effectively present and roll out projects. 
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